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Badge in Review - Entertainment Technology for Junior Girl Scouts

Entertainment Technology

I've had several requests from frazzled leaders to share ideas on the new GGGS badges.  I have to admit I've been a little slow to provide that service, not because I don't want to or because I don't think it's needed but simply because it's very hard for me to convert my brain from the legacy badge train of thought to these new badges.  For that I apologize, but I'm sure many of you understand (or I might not be getting so many requests on this topic, right?)

Well, yesterday I took the plunge and purchased the add-on packs at the Junior and Cadette levels (since those two age levels make up 95% of our troop girls) to go with my investment in the GGGS books for multiple levels (all I need now is the Daisy book and the Senior book).    I cringe at the thought of having now spent nearly $100 and still not having all of the information to lead my girls but I digress...

After pulling out the Junior packets last night I began to get a little excited about some of these new badges - and we all know that it's key for a leader to be excited before the girls can be excited.  So, I have decided to start reviewing some of the badges as I discover the ones that really excite me.

Today's badge is Entertainment Technology and it's part of the It's Your World  - Change It (Agent of Change) badge packet (which means it does not come in your standard GGGS binder).  The first thing I did after I discovered how much fun this badge was going to be was to check out what other badges (at different age levels) correspond with it.  I was quite shocked to discover that this badge is actually put into the "Storytelling" category on the badge pull out from the GGGS.  Really?  To me it's a pretty big stretch but hey, I really think this badge is going to be fun.

So, if you would like to earn this badge here's what you need to do:

1. Animate your own artwork
2. Dig into video game development
3. Try the science of amusement park rides
4.  Create your own special effects
5. Surf a sound wave

Am I the only person who read number five and instantly heard the Magic School Bus song in their head?  I hope not, that would mean I was a huge dork. (-:

With the new badges girls must complete all of the steps, but they can pick and choose what activities they do for each step.  Since we will be doing this badge as a troop I'm sharing with you my personal badge plan for this - feel free to change it up to fit the needs of your girls.  The badge plan sheet I designed is for the girls to keep up with what they have done for each stage of the badge so they get blank ones, but I like to use one myself when I plan out our activities (-:

Step One: Play with Stop Animation
I have a few girls who are already curious about this so even though this is the most involved step (read most difficult) I know it will be perfect for our troop.  Basically, the girls will work with clay to create a figure OR use a bendable doll (I'm thinking those wire rabbits for Easter will be perfect here) that will then do a simple movement - wave, bow, etc and take pictures using a digital camera (making sure to keep the camera in the same spot) and create animation using Jasc Animation Studio (because that's the program I am familiar with).  After we are all done with our mini movies we will have a movie night and watch a professional example of this process - I'm sure the girls will have a new found appreciation for these kinds of movies!

Step Two: Special Guest
We are lucky enough to live in a college town and I'm going to contact the college and get a guest speaker (would be awesome to get a student) to come and talk to the girls about creating video games.

Step Three: Marble Coaster
When I was a classroom teacher we had a game the kids LOVED that basically was a bunch of track pieces that they could put together and create a marble coaster.  Well, instead of purchasing that game again (pretty pricey) we will use foam insulation (or pool noodles if you like) and duct tape to make the track, TP tubes for tunnels and lots of imagination to create a coaster for our marbles.  More information on this can be found in this PDF file from the FETCH pbs kids program.  On a side note, after exploring the web to find this I discovered that there is a FETCH patch program that your girls can earn - how cool!

Step Four: Special Effects Make Up
My own girls have become very big fans of the SciFi series Face Off which is an excellent example of special effects make up.  We will watch a short clip from the show and have a special guest (my dear husband who does our younger daughter's Halloween make up each year) come and show us some basics for effects make up.  The example photo above shows last year's make up magic.

Step Five: Acoustic Experiment

I hope that this badge plan helps you with your troop.  If you like it, please leave a comment and let me know.  Is this something you would like to see for more badges?  Do you have any stellar ideas for this badge?  Please share! (-:

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  1. Great ideas! Were you able to do all these in one session?